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About The Terrific Treevils

An inspirational musical story of the beauty and importance of woodlands created in association with The Woodland Trust and The Tree Charter. The Terrific Treevils dramatizes their vision for a UK rich in native woods and trees for people and wildlife. It is a musical structure for educating and inspiring young people with the benefits trees can bring to our lives and communities. The Terrific Treevils are an official Tree Charter Branch which support the aims of the Charter: https://treecharter.uk/get-involved.html

On the outskirts of the newly formed city of Allsworth, big logging companies are clearing out forests to make way for new houses and railway lines to accommodate the ever-growing population. James Fossil, a long-time employee of Chop It Down- the largest logging company in the UK- has been sent to Allsworth to help with the clearing effort. Out early one morning, Fossil ventures into the wood to the largest tree he can find. As Fossil prepares to cut it down, he hears a voice calling ‘Stop!’. He looks up to see what seems to be three tiny squirrels, but as they get closer, he realises these creatures are in fact made of wood! These are The Terrific Treevils, who live in the trees and produce oxygen in the air for us all to breathe. They introduce themselves to Fossil and tell him this is their home and if he continues the way he is, there will be no more oxygen for him or anyone else to breathe. After a lengthy discussion, he tells the Treevils that he wants to help them, but he doesn’t know how? The Treevils tell him he must come up with a plan to save the woods and they’ll help him!


The UK’s housing crisis and the HS2 project means deforestation is heavily impacting on our climate and ancient woodlands. More than ever, we need to communicate the importance of The Woodland Trust’s core values, inspiring a new generation.

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 It was fantastic! So many tree puns! I think I laughed and smiled the whole way through and it has so many positive messages for kids. In particular, I really like the idea of a forgotten legend that we need to remember, the idea of money/reputation vs ecological benefits/life being equated with good vs evil. 

Zara Holden - Programme Delivery Lead - Tree Charter